Gel synthesis with 97% water and camomile!

Suitable for newborns.

With camomile extract, Nannys Fresh Sensitive gently clean your baby’s skin, offering natural care and a feeling of freshness. Based on the revolutionary gel synthesis with 97% water and camomile, they sooth your baby’s skin from any irritations.
Nannys Fresh Sensitive are ideal for the daily care of your baby’s sensitive skin, from day one!


Dermatologically tested for your baby’s safety

Alcohol free for your baby’s sensitive skin

With neutral pH to moisturize the skin without irritating it

Large in size and practical in use

Triple thickness for better durability in every use

Gel synthesis with 97% water and camomile, soothe your baby’s skin

Suitable for newborns

Lid that opens and closes to keep baby wipes always hydrated

Available packages

Nannys Fresh Sensitive 20’s

Nannys Fresh Sensitive 64’s

Nannys Fresh Sensitive 64’s (2+1 Free)

Nannys Fresh baby wipes

Nannys Fresh Baby Wipes

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