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Since 1984, we’ve been keeping every baby dry and every parent carefree! 

Our story begins in the 80’s. A very different era, with fewer choices but with great necessityMums back then, used diapers made of cloths, as they had no other choice. Then, in 1984, Nannys came to the rescue, revolutionising the industry. A value for money product, Nannys provided mums with disposable diapers, which freed their hands and gave them more time with their babies.  

What came next in our story is well-known. Nannys conquered the hearts of Cypriot mothers and very quickly entered every home and every child’s room. They became a loyal ally for every parent. From “Your baby wants ‘am’(food) and Nannys!” all the way to “Nannys, Made with Love!”, Nannys kept over 140,000 children dry and comfortable.  

From 1984 until today, our philosophy remains the same: To make the best possible product with love and to keep every baby dry and every parent carefree! Because we are parents too and we get it!  

Today, Nannys has a wide range of products. The Nannys Sensitive and Nannys Baby Love lines are made following all the specifications, necessary to offer the best possible care to babies. At the same time, the Nannys Fresh line of baby wipes comes to complete the care and to offer the best for what parents value most in the world! 


Nannys were first released with the slogan
“Your baby wants ‘am’(food) and Nannys”


New Ultra Nannys. Every baby is a “cloud”;
“Nothing can go through”.


New Nannys Genius
“The smart diaper”


Nannys Genius Soft
“Unlimited softness”


Nannys Baby’s Wish. Soft, thinner and extra-absorbent
“A panda for your baby”


Nannys Flexicare. With elastic side panels, offering comfort and with the perfect fit 


Nannys Baby Love. The first launch of the Nannys Baby Love line


Nannys Baby Love. New anatomical design
“I grew up with them – You have every reason to prefer them”


New Nannys Sensitive line. Dermatologically tested, with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification & camomile extract
“One less thing to worry about”


Renewed Nannys Baby Love
“It’s all about love”


New renewed Nannys Baby Love with elastic side panels


Nannys Baby Love with added absorbance

“You wouldn’t change them for the world 



New Nannys Fresh Eco,
friendly to their world.