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You wouldn’t change them
for the world

Love in a diaper!

Each and every baby fills us with love; a love that we want to give back. That is why the Nannys Baby Love diapers are ideal for your baby’s daily care. With enhanced absorbency thanks to the new extra-absorbent core and their anti-leak side leg cuffs, they lock the moisture inside. With breathable outer cover, anatomical design and elasticated side panels, they offer the care and freedom that every baby needs.

Available Packages

* For enhanced absorbency 

* For enhanced absorbency 


With an outer cover that allows the skin to breathe, for protection against irritation

Thin and soft for the best comfort of your baby

With extra-absorbent core, to always keep your baby dry and comfortable

Anatomically designed for a better fit on your baby’s body

Latex free so the materials are sensitive to your baby’s skin

With elastic side panels for more freedom of movement