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A gentle caring hug for your baby

Feel the safety of Nannys’ certified and dermatologically tested care as it gently hugs your baby, offering all the protection it needs from the very first moment. 
Nannys Sensitive, the care ally for every parent, will let you enjoy precious moments of happiness with your baby. With chamomile extract, very thin and with a breathable outer cover they are an excellent care solution for your baby. Designed with a core of Dry matrix technology with net of natural fibres that lock moisture inside the diaper and with special Comfi-Fit technology, they ensure every baby the comfort and care it needs.
Hug your baby with Nannys Sensitive!

New Nannys Sensitive Pants. Ultra comfort and care for your child

The new Nannys Sensitive pants are specially designed for older and more active kids, between 1.5 and 3 years old. They offer the necessary protection every toddler needs, so it can explore the world with comfort and confidence. With Moisture Index, Dry matrix, and Comfi-Fit technologies. They can be pulled on and off like regular underwear to help with the potty-training process.

Available packages

* For enhanced absorbency

* For enhanced absorbency


With chamomile extract

Dermatologically tested by Dermatest Laboratory (Germany)

Renewed Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification for the absence of harmful substances

Breathable outer cover

Special Comfi-Fit technology, for excellent fit and freedom of movement

Special Dry Matrix Technology core with net of natural fibres

Very thin and soft

100% recyclable packaging

Also ideal for newborns