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Nowadaystime for parents is precious and limited. Thereforeyou can save time by storing small meals in the freezer. By doing so, in a short time you can prepare ready meals for your babies for the next few days.  

Some advice

Once you cook the baby food you need to cool it down as soon as possible. Do not let it cool on its own because you increase the risk of germs growing in the baby’s food. A good practice to cool baby food quickly is to spread it in a shallow container. Another idea is to put the container in a pot of cold water so that the food cools down much faster. 

Once the food has cooled, freeze it immediately so that there is no risk of contaminating the food. Freeze the food in a covered ice cube tray with a label with the date of preparation.

The cover is very important to avoid any contact with other substances.  

You can store baby food in the freezer for up to 8 weeks. The ideal freezer temperature is  -18 C or lower. 

Defrost the amount of food you want to use by removing it from the freezer a few hours before the meal and then reheat it once. Before feeding your child make sure that the food has the right temperature. 



Never let the baby's food defrost at room temperature. This increases the risk of developing many bacteria, which can cause infection to the baby. It is preferable to reheat the food.

Do not re-freeze food that has already been defrosted. What you can re-freeze again are raw frozen foods like green beans and peas after you’ve cooked them.

Remember to not reheat food more than once! 


Below you can find some suggestions for ingredients that you can use to make the necessary vegetable soups which you can then freeze: 



Sweet potato

Sweet pumpkin

Red pumpkin

Of course, you can gradually use any other food you think your child likes, provided it is age appropriate for your child. 

Authored by Dr. Adamos Hadjipanayi, Paediatrician