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In the following article you will find information on what to expect your child to do and what skills to acquire at a certain age. It is very important to know that no baby is the same as any other child of their age. Therefore, in the following article, you will only find an outline of what a child can do at a specific ageIt does not imply that all babies of the same age acquire all the skills described below. For example, one baby might be further along in terms of motor development but have yet to develop their speech skills and vice versa. 

Motor development


They walk on their own

Places one block on top of another.

Crawls up the stairs

Social and cognitive development


Smiles at itself when looking at the mirror. It recognizes itself.

Requests objects by pointing with its finger.

Points to parts of its body when asked.

Follows simple directions such as “Bring me the ball”.

Hearing and speech development


Begins to develop a small vocabulary of about 4-10 words.

Tips for parents – What to-do

Keep TV viewing-time to 30 minutes

Explain everything you do together and speak to them as much as possible.

Read books to your child that have many pictures.

Continue setting boundaries to your child and start explaining rules that they must follow.
Authored by Dr. Adamos Hadjipanayi, Paediatrician