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In the following article you will find information on what to expect your child to do and what skills to acquire at a certain age. It is very important to know that no baby is the same as any other child of their age. Therefore, in the following article, you will only find an outline of what a child can do at a specific ageIt does not imply that all babies of the same age acquire all the skills described below. For example, one baby might be further along in terms of motor development but have yet to develop their speech skills and vice versa. 

Motor development


When face down, they lift their head to a 45 – 90-degree angle from the bed and turn it right and left like a turtle.

The hands are looser, compared to previous months and they are able to pull on the sheets.

Social and cognitive development


They observe a moving object.

They show joy when they see their food.

They recognize their mother.

If someone speaks to them, they can smile back.

Hearing and speech development


Utters vowel sounds such as ah, o, ooh.

When they hear a sound, they try to trace it, turning their eyes towards it.

When someone speaks to them, they turn their head towards them.

Tips for parents – What to do about their child

Use every interaction with your child as an opportunity to speak with them.

Buy age-appropriate toys and hang them above your baby's bed so that they observe them when they are awake.
Authored by Dr. Adamos Hadjipanayi, Paediatrician