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Now that you have become a mother, choosing the most suitable diaper for your baby is one of the issues you think about. 

Below you can read the most important selection criteria on choosing the baby’ s diapers


The most important of all is for the diaper to have good absorbency and to keep the baby dry, especially during the night. In this way, the moisture gets trapped in the diaper and your baby’s skin remains dry. This will enable the baby to have more comfortable and quiet sleep. At the same time, the risk for fungal infections and nappy rush is decreased. 



Choose the right size Based on your baby’s weight you will choose the diaper’s size accordingly. This will allow the baby to feel and move comfortably. Also, this reduces the risk of leaks. 


Choose diapers that fit well and have side panels! The right fit is very important. Side panels that stick easily will allow you to relax or tighten the diaper based on your baby’s body, so that it hugs their belly correctly. Don’t forget to check the diaper’s fit around their legs to avoid leaks.

Equally important is…

The correct fitting of the diaper is equally important. The special tapes which stick easily allow you to loosen or fasten the diaper accordingly, so it can hug your baby’s belly correctly. Do not forget to check the good fit of the diaper around the legs in order to avoid any leaks. 

During the first days of the newborn, do not forget that the umbilical cord should not be covered by the diaper! On the one hand, the moisture created slows down the umbilical fall and on the other hand the danger for umbilical infection is increased.  

When everyday life get’s more lively… 

When your little one grows up and becomes more active, running, jumping, walking, the time for diaper change might not be the favorite part of your routine. For this reason, you can find on the market pull up – diapers which are easy to use and very convenient as there is no need for the baby to lay down in order to fit the diaper. 

How often do I need to change the diaper?

After every bowel movement or every 2-3 hours. After the age of 3 months where the baby’s urinary system matures, the diaper is changed usually after every meal.  

Authored by Dr. Adamos Hadjipanayi, Paediatrician