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Infant sleep is a major concern for new parents. The most common questions are: 

  • What is the correct sleeping position?
  • Whatkind ofmattress and bed should I buy for my child? 
  • Can the baby sleep intheirparents’ room? 

What is the correct sleeping position?

While in the old days no one paid attention to the way babies sleep, in recent decades the international organizations responsible for the development and health of the child, agree that the right sleeping position for baby is on their back. However, this position has increased the incidence of plagiocephaly (flat head – the baby’s head is asymmetrical and there is a flat area at the back-side). Thus, here are some tips to avoid the plagiocephaly:


When placing the baby to sleep, make sure that their head is not always turned on the same side (right or left). If the baby sleeps permanently on one side, it increases the risk of developing plagiocephaly.

Put the baby on their belly while they’re awake. Make sure that you supervise the baby at all times during this position.

What kind of mattress and bed to buy for my child?

The mattress for babies should be hard (avoid soft mattresses) so that the baby does not sink into it. It should be made of organic hypoallergenic material with a special care against mites and it should fit well in the crib. Both the mattress and the sheets should be firmly attached to the bed. Avoid placing toys, pillows, and soft blankets in the baby’s bed. You should only havethe essentials items in the bed.  

The railings of the bed must be spaced so that the baby cannot stick its head in them. 


Can the baby sleep in their parents' room?

In the first months of life, it is good for the baby to sleep in the same room with the parents. This makes it easier for the parents as they don’t have to come and go during the night. After the age of nine months the baby must go to their own room. If you are late in adopting this practice you will find it difficult to apply it at an older age. The baby should adopt a sleep routine that includes, among other things, sleeping in theirown room. 

What you should avoid, is sleeping with your baby in the same bed. This practice can have unpleasant consequences. In particular, a parent can crush the baby with their body. 

Authored by Dr. Adamos Hadjipanayi, Paediatrician